Keller Pratt has everything going for him. He has a good job at Witch Creek Farm, a great relationship with his uncle, and he feels like he has something to call his own. His busy life leaves him surprised when Thanksgiving rolls around and Ripley Marsh comes home for a brief visit. However, Keller is more shocked to find that his once brotherly feelings for his boss’s daughter have transformed into unexpected feelings of attraction.


Unproven is a short story that takes place between the Ripley Marsh Trilogy and my stand alone Runaway!

Katana was expected to bring Witch Creek to glory with her brilliant speed and unexpected talent. However, one little injury after another prevented the chestnut filly from reaching her true potential as a runner. Her first start back brings a mixture of feelings--ranging from excitement to uneasiness as the relationship between Witch Creek and Katana's trainer grows ever shakier.

The business relationship isn't the only nerve-wracking thing going on in Ripley's life right now. Her sister is getting married the same weekend and tensions are already high. A loss by Katana could place a black cloud over an event the Marsh family has been planning for over a year. Pressures are mounting on Katana and she doesn’t even know it. If she’s ever going to prove her worth, now is the time to do it.