The Ripley Marsh Trilogy is the perfect example of what I love to write about--sassy female characters pursuing their dreams and doing the unexpected.

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Book One of the Ripley Marsh Trilogy

Ripley Marsh knew what she wanted to do for a career from the moment she graduated college; she wanted a career with her family’s thoroughbred racing stable in Upstate New York. Although her heart lies with the racing industry, not everyone in her family supports the risky move. Out to show her family that she can be successful, Ripley takes on a talented thoroughbred in hopes of getting him into the winner’s circle.
As if the family drama isn’t enough, Ripley is torn between two completely different guys—one of whom she has known for most of her life and the other whom she feels an unexpected attraction toward. A novice in the game of love, Ripley must play wisely if she wants to keep her heart whole and intact.

Now In Ebook and Paperback


Book Two of the Ripley Marsh Trilogy

Guy problems… Ripley Marsh never thought she’d have them. She never expected to have two guys competing for her either. Connor has made things even more complicated by virtually disappearing and adding more proof to Keller’s theory that Connor is no good for her. Torn between giving Connor a chance, and following her chemistry with Keller, Ripley must walk a gradually shrinking line. 
But the guys aren’t the only ones that have taken an interest in Ripley... Witch Creek’s main supporter wants her to ride a filly deemed a lost cause by the rest of the staff. Not only will Ripley get the satisfaction of changing another life, her career in the industry could get a massive boost as well.


Now In Ebook and Paperbook


Book Three of the Ripley Marsh Trilogy

Winter is upon Witch Creek and Ripley has never been more stir crazy in her life. The barns are empty, her summer co-workers are gone and the cold has become intolerable. She would do anything to escape.
She receives assistance from an unlikely source when Tap Out is pointed toward a major stakes race in Florida--and a showdown with one of his rivals. As part of the deal, Ripley is to take up a position as Tap Out’s exercise rider due to their connection.
However, Tap Out is not her only reason for heading south. It has been two months since her last biting encounter with Keller and she’s ready to end the freeze. Now her trip to Florida isn’t just about proving herself as a rider. It’s about getting Keller back in her corner before it’s too late.