Savana Moretti has been on the run for the last seven years of her life. Pursued by her own father after witnessing a horrific crime, Savvy has been forced to stay hidden by using a variety of aliases and the help of an insider to stay alive. A messy situation in New Jersey leads to a grudging rescue, one that Savvy can’t refuse due to her dwindling cash flow.

Forced to settle in New York, Savvy picks up a job as a groom for a thoroughbred trainer who is considered well past his prime. However, that may be about to change when a young colt starts showing hints of talent. The colt’s connections have lofty goals, including the Kentucky Derby.

Meanwhile, an old flame comes to the forefront, one that could simultaneously ignite her greatest desires and destroy her. She’s gone down this route before and knows that she can’t afford to play nice and drop her guard. It’s one thing to know that she might lose her life, but she sure as hell won’t let her heart shatter in the process.

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