Why I Don't Care About Your Political Position

I don't like to discuss politics in my personal or private life. I'm surrounded by people who hold opposing political positions and I don't like to get into arguments. Personally, I don't really care about their opinions. They aren't going to change mine and they never will.  I will never change theirs because they won't listen. They don't want to listen while I'm forced to even when I disagree.

I respect the opposing opinions out there. Do I think those opinions are correct and supported by logic and social science? No, I really don't. Obviously, the people who hold these opinions had experiences that led to their beliefs and agenda. I've had experiences too, but somehow my experiences are downgraded and, unbeknownst to me, I've been looking at the wrong facts all this time. Silly me.

I've been accused of not being worldly, of not understanding, of not having the right mindset when I go into the voting booth. Those accusations have not been pointed just at me, but my entire generation. This points out the difference between the millennial generations and the older ones. We're never going to come to an agreement because we have far different opinions and come from far different experiences. Life is massively different now than it was even twenty years ago.

I don't push my agenda on others. Sorry, I think we can all co-exist and we should be able to compromise on some positions. I don't want others to push their beliefs on me at work or in public. I am vastly outnumbered and no one can hear one voice when everyone else is busy shouting. 

I wish we weren't at a wall with the inflammatory media and a frozen congress between us. We would be able to work so much better if we listened and compromised. Instead, politics has become a hot bed for arguments with one party having little respect for the people across the aisle and now at work.