Breeders' Cup

Friday Breeders' Cup Race Selections!

I am not a battle hardened handicapper with thousands of dollars and winning tickets to flash. However, I do follow the races a bit more than normal... sometimes obsessively. The Breeders' Cup is my version of Christmas--a two day extravaganza of the best racehorses in the USA, Canada and some of the best in Europe and other countries. This post and the one for Saturday's bevy of races are merely from a fan's perspective. My picks do include the chalk (the favorites) and horses that I have grown attached to over the last year of racing. My post is not intended to guarantee value and most certainly not pick the absolute winners. I am not psychic, although, that talent would be quite handy!

The Breeders' Cup Is Coming!

There are three days that I live for every year. One day is the Kentucky Derby. The other two belong to the Breeders' Cup. The Breeders' Cup is the annual retreat to thoroughbred racing heaven. The best of the best horses usually show up and, sometimes, horses from all around the world. It's a rare thing in modern times that the best horses meet. Come Breeders' Cup time there is no escape. If you want the big bucks, the prestige and a big boost for a champion title, you go to the Breeders' Cup.