Love Shouldn't Be Found Through The Stomach

America has a huge obesity epidemic. It's sweeping across all age groups, from young children to senior citizens. It's an epidemic caused by poor diet, little exercise and busy lifestyles. 58% of Americans eat out at restaurants at least once a week, according to a Rasmussen Report in 2013. $147 billion is spent on health-related issues that occur due to obesity each year.

I ate out last night at a restaurant and was reminded of all of this. My backstory: I'm a typical young American. I'm busy. I work a full time job, I have my authorship on the side and I never seem to be in one place for too long. I work in an office and snack when I'm bored. I don't know how to cook and I don't have a place of my own to cook even if I wanted.

At this restaurant, I ordered baked ziti with one meatball. It was $15.00 and this plate was huge. So huge that after eating half of it, it still looked like I had a whole plate of food left!  Portion control people!

I don't understand restaurants quite frankly. Restaurants are hard to keep afloat, especially new ones that don't have ties to the community. They serve monstrous plates of food, jack up prices to cover the cost of producing those plates and expect to keep customers back for more after emptying their wallets.

Going back to my earlier stat, 58% of people eat out at least once a week... Restaurants serve this food and should hold some responsibility when it comes to the obesity epidemic. Cut your portions in half AND the prices. Lower your overhead, satisfy your customers and leave them wanting to come back for more.

I hate going out. Every time I go out, I leave with dinner for two nights in a row. Last night, I pawned my food off on someone else at the table. I never eat the leftovers and somehow I lose half the money I paid for that half plate of food that I didn't eat.

I get that people complain when the size of a meal is cut. If they didn't have to pay the same price for a larger meal, they and their wallets would probably be happier. I feel like there should be two portion sizes and two prices: a realistic portion that a person can actually finish or the two-nights-in-a-row portion for those who want leftovers.