How a Tantrum Turned into a Revelation

Originally Posted 6/22/15

My dad once said that I always fight against the system because I simply have to challenge everything. It's the truth. I like to fight everything and do the opposite of what people tell me to do. This whole adventure started with me throwing a tantrum and going against what is expected of me. I graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and was supposed to get a good paying job that would consistently pay every other week. 

Questions that I constantly answered or am still constantly answering or not answering include: Why did you get a degree in Sociology? What are you going to do with that? Have you heard anything back about applications, interviews, etc.? Are you still applying for jobs? 

I'd receive sympathy when I said no that I hadn't heard anything. I became all sorts of frustrated as the months passed and my answer never changed once. Trying to find a job that you want to do is like finding a needle in the haystack. If you're lucky, you'll get that one job or you'll just suck it up and grind through it like everyone else in this world.

I did not want to be a teacher, I did not want to work in an office, and I did not want a state job. I did not want to go back to school for a Master's Degree when I didn't even really know what I wanted to do for a Bachelor's Degree. Why bother spending more money that I was going to have to pay back later without being guaranteed a career at the end of it all?

In May of this year, I received two letters in one day. Both of them were rejection letters. Those two letters were the end of a long stream of rejection letters and emails. The letters told me that they were sorry, but at this time I did not fit the companies' needs and that they wished me all the best in my future endeavors.

Well... that settled that. 

I was done job searching for the moment and I was going to take some control. I dusted off my old dream of writing for a living and started to make it a tiny bit more real. My first book, Crossed Lines, was essentially complete in two weeks. I have no doubt that the first book benefited from my sudden spurt of passion. I've never written a book that quickly because no other subject really felt right.

Crossed Lines has a defiant main character and Ripley perfectly suited my mood at the time.  Ripley has to decide if she is going to go the traditional route or go for what she wants even though student loan reality will be setting in quite quickly. There are plenty of people who will be able to connect with Ripley because she has real issues with realistic people in a world where you play it safe or risk losing it all.

Ripley will have to prove she can step up to the plate and so will I if I want this adventure to continue. Hopefully, that dream will not go back to its old dusty cabinet again. I hear it's a boring place.